Our Approach and Viewpoint

At Magic Data Programs our goal is to deliver to our customers high quality services and products in a short time frame and according to the needs and specifications of our clients.

Our philosophyWe seek to establish synergies with our customers for mutual benefit. At Magic Data Programs, we are mainly interested in working with our customers over many years, as we have already been doing with our best customers for the benefit of both parties.

Therefore we strive to have the best professionals in programming, design, analysis and problem resolution, so that we can deliver the best possible service.

We want our professionals not only to stay abreast of new technologies, but also to increasingly expand their knowledge into more and newer fields, as from our viewpoint knowledge, training and know-how are fundamental pillars of our success.

We would like to have you as our customer so as to deliver to you the best possible service.

Clients testimonials

From the outset, we could see the professionalism of the people in this business, helping us at all times to meet our deadlines and goals. Magic Data transmits confidence and certainty, allowing us to focus on our business with total peace of mind.
EMCY Tecnologies (Multilevel Marketing)http://www.emcy.tech
They developed for us a task management program, tailored to our needs. The treatment has been very personalized and close, they met the deadlines perfectly, and once the program was installed, they quickly solved the minor corrections that arose. We recommend them without hesitation, their treatment of the customer is excellent.
J.A. Nuevo MarínMarketing and Expansion Department, Gestión y Justicia S.L.
They understood very well our work operation and what we wanted to improve by introducing the software system. The best thing about the custom system created by Magic Data Programs is that the system fits our needs, not we having to adjust to the system. After the initial delivery, they were also very quick for the small corrections we had to perform.
K.U.(Tourism Business Executive)