Java & J2EE Applications and Services Development

Do you need to correct / expand / create a Java or J2EE web application or a web service?

We can help you with our extensive experience in the creation and correction of Java applications and web services.

No matter if you are using Java without any framework or if you are using Spring, Struts, GWT, JSF (JavaServer Faces), JPA (Java Persistance API) or others, our team is ready to help you make your project a success in a short time frame and with an adjusted budget.

We have experience in integrating Java with various databases. MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or any other database that you use, we can service you with it.

javaOur applications seek to offer an excellent appearance and therefore include the use of JavaScript / AJAX, including JQuery and modern CSS frameworks, like Twitter bootstrap.

We also have ample experience in the creation of JSON, and SOAP / XML web services and in the use of continuous integration systems (Hudson, CruiseControl, etc.), and of course in various version control systems like Subversion, Git, CVS and others.

Depending on your needs and specifications and the characteristics of your project, we will use ORM (Object-Relational mapping) systems, such as Hibernate, unit testing (e.g. JUnit) and structured documentation within the code.

We can also integrate naturally with existing APIs from Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, etc.

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    Clients testimonials

    Entendieron muy bien cómo es nuestro trabajo y en qué queremos mejorar introduciendo el sistema informático. Lo mejor del sistema a medida que crea Magic Data es que el sistema se ajusta a nuestra necesidad, no nosotros al sistema. Después de la primera entrega, también han sido muy rápidos para las pequeñas correcciones que tuvimos que realizar.
    K.U.(Directiva empresa del área de turismo)
    From the outset, we could see the professionalism of the people in this business, helping us at all times to meet our deadlines and goals. Magic Data transmits confidence and certainty, allowing us to focus on our business with total peace of mind.
    EMCY Tecnologies (Multilevel Marketing)
    They understood very well our work operation and what we wanted to improve by introducing the software system. The best thing about the custom system created by Magic Data Programs is that the system fits our needs, not we having to adjust to the system. After the initial delivery, they were also very quick for the small corrections we had to perform.
    K.U.(Tourism Business Executive)
    Nos han desarrollado un programa de control de tareas a medida de nuestras necesidades. El trato ha sido muy personalizado y cercano, cumplieron los plazos de entrega perfectamente y una vez instalado el programa, las pequeñas incidencias que surgieron nos las resolvieron rápidamente. Nosotros la recomendamos sin dudarlo, su trato es excelente con el cliente.
    J.A. Nuevo MarínDpto. Marketing y Expansión, Gestión y Justicia S.L.
    Desde el primer momento, pudimos comprobar la profesionalidad de las personas que integran esta empresa, ayudándonos en todo momento a cumplir nuestros plazos y objetivos. Magic Data trasmite confianza y seguridad, lo que nos permite centrarnos en nuestro negocio con total tranquilidad.
    DirecciónEMCY Tecnologies (Marketing Multinivel)
    They developed for us a task management program, tailored to our needs. The treatment has been very personalized and close, they met the deadlines perfectly, and once the program was installed, they quickly solved the minor corrections that arose. We recommend them without hesitation, their treatment of the customer is excellent.
    J.A. Nuevo MarínMarketing and Expansion Department, Gestión y Justicia S.L.