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Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

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Custom Programs, Websites and Mobile Apps
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Custom Programs, Web Sites and Mobile Apps
Do you need a website with a "very special" functionality for your business?
Do you need Mobile Apps or programs to your exact specifications?
Are you looking for developers experienced in them that you can really trust?
Tailor-made Multi-Level Marketing Management Systems (MLM)
Do you want to start a multilevel marketing business and you need software to manage it?
Do you already have multilevel marketing software, but it is not flexible enough and creates problems?
Do you want to have exactly your compensation plan, that operates the way you want?
Outsourcing Projects and Developments
Do you need to urgently solve a software development project and your team is already "above 100%"?
Do you need someone trustworthy for a critical development?
Do you want to expand your development capacity safely and without increasing your fixed costs?
Online stores
Would you like to sell your products or services on the internet?
Get an aesthetic and well working web store.
Add attractive photos of your products and/or services, and publish your shop.
Solving problems in Software Projects
Did you encounter problems developing a web application, service, App or global computer system?
Time passes by and the problems persist?
Would you like to find someone with experience who can help you solve it quickly?
Web pages
Do you want to become known on the web?
Do you want to attract contacts of potential customers contacts to sell them your products or services?
Your website will be your "business card" on the internet.
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About Us

Magic Data Programs offers a large team of highly professional specialists with extensive experience in the development of customized software solutions, using web, server, mobile and/or PC technologies. This includes the analysis, architecture and development of Computer Software and the resolution of specialized technical problems.


Our professionals have up to 20 years of experience in their fields of specialty and have achieved many professional successes, solving “impossible” problems in “critical” time frames for our clients, rescuing projects previously considered as failed, and completing a great number of developments that provide an excellent service to our customers.

We continually work to ensure that our current and future staff maintains that level of quality, speed and productivity

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